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The Begeti Bay Hotel is set in a quiet location of Skaleta, only about 12 km far from Rethymno on Crete’s north-central coast.  Welcome to a place which without a doubt is the perfect choice for families or couples of all ages.


It's name originates to the old Venetian word “Scala” which was a term used for a small, not notably organized port. The atmosphere of the Byzantine Empire can be felt not only at the Skaleta's harbour, but also the churches of Zoodochou Pighis - Life-giving Spring and of St. Nicholas are not only spiritual points, but offer also cultural recreation during walks at the town.

Skaleta is definitely a peaceful place. But if you are in a mood for a live city, where there is always something happening, there is a close by Rethymno ready for you. Being distant about 12 km, it can be easily reached by a bus or a car.


If you desire to get some sun, swim a lot and eat well, Skaleta is the right place to be. With its long and wide beaches you never feel it to be too crowded by the other sunbathers.

The beach in front of the Begeti Bay Hotel is organized with loungers and sunshades (free of charge). 


Water sports are available during the day at the nearby beaches.



DID YOU KNOW Skaleta beach is one of a few places chosen by the caretta-caretta turtle to lay it's eggs every year? The Rethymno Bay area - located in northern Crete and extends west from the city of Rethymnoto the Skaleta area in the east - is the third largest nesting habitat of the Caretta caretta sea turtle in Greece and the first largest in Crete.




THE CITY OF RETHYMNO takes your breath away with its beauty. Well known for hospitable locals, honoring their ancestors and traditions, this gem decorated with renaissance colors embraced by breathtaking mountains and the deep blue of Mediterranean, should not be missed.



UNTIL RECENTLY, IN DANGER OF EXTINCTION,  the seal monachus-monachus, had also found a refuge here at Skaleta beach and found one of the most majestic caves - "Lightcave" - as it's shelter.


TO DISCOVER HIDDEN CAVE, GET IN WATER , FIND THE GATE... Coastal area of Skaleta is falls into the rocky part which is shielding a number of caves. The most famous is the  the Poseidon cave which is accessible from the sea only and at the entrance guarded by a huge stalagmite in the shape of a lion. Just next to it, there is a peculiar accumulation of rocks called  "Gate of the Nymphs", under which, as myth says, the mermaids prepared themselves before they entered the cave of the great god of the seas.


   # Monastery of Arkadi (9 km)

   # St. Anthony Gorge (15 km)

   # Heraklion City (65 km)

   # Chania City (72 km)

Arkadi Monastery
Poseidon Cave
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